katie ogawa test
I am excited to come back to Albuquerque (the mountains and the green chile), but also to invest in a community that has given so much to me.

Katie Ogawa ’10 graduated from the Academy, she chose to study biology at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas because the school reminded her of the Academy. “I loved the small class sizes, the brilliant and compassionate faculty, and everyone I met when I visited,” she says.

After four years at Trinity, Katie is extremely thankful for all that she has learned outside of the classroom. “Trinity is a place where learning is not confined to a desk and chalkboard, but learning also occurs through leadership or service opportunities.” During her years at the Academy and at Trinity, Katie has fully embraced both of these.

“I grew up seeing the world through the lens of service, says Katie, acknowledging her mother, Diane Ogawa’s, influence. “At the Academy, I was able to take ownership of my service, by joining the Community Service Club and serving on its the executive board,” she says. “I loved being able to help organize events and encourage others to be involved in service. Academy gave me countless opportunities to grow as a leader through service and for that I will always be thankful.”

It didn’t take long for Katie to settle in to a service and leadership role at Trinity. “I started off my time at Trinity with the Plunge, a week long faith-based service trip in San Antonio.” Katie signed up for Catholic Worker House, a day house for those experiencing homelessness. There she enjoyed cooking for guests, but she also had the opportunity to spend time with a lot of people there and talk with them.

“Over the course of the year, I talked with a few friends who had also done the plunge and we talked about the added benefit that comes when individuals live together and serve together,” she says. “When people who are living together are serving in similar situations and with the same dedication to service a lot of meaning relationships are built as well as incredible dialogue.”

With the help of the Dean of Students and many others, Homelessness Outreach Pursuing Education – HOPE Hall was started in Fall 2012. HOPE Hall is dorm where students live together and all serve weekly at a community partner that serves individuals experiencing homelessness.

Katie’s service at Trinity has not been limited to HOPE Hall. She volunteered to give tours, served as a student ambassador to alumni, and served as a member of Trinity Distinguished Representatives, students who talk with prospective students about their Trinity experience.   In 2013, Katie was recognized by San Antonio’s Association of Fundraising Professionals as the Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy.

Katie graduated in May and began medical school at UNM this fall. “I am excited to come back to Albuquerque (the mountains and the green chile), but also to invest in a community that has given so much to me.”