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Evan Liu ’13 was born on the East Coast, and although he moved to New Mexico when he was only four years old, he says he always figured he’d go back East for college. That was before he learned more about Stanford University.

“I actually applied to 16 east coast colleges and only two west coast schools,” he says. “I wasn’t sure if I would get into Stanford,” he says, modestly. But, when he did, he seized the opportunity.

“Stanford has a really strong mathematics program and a fantastic Computer Science program,” he says. And, its proximity to California’s Silicon Valley creates even more opportunities for young people interested in these fields.

Down the road, Evan is hoping to take advantage of Stanford’s Co-term program, which allows juniors to take courses towards their undergraduate and graduate degree concurrently. He is majoring in mathematics, but is considering adding Computer Science for a double major .

Evan has always been interested in mathematics, but after some exposure to computer science in his freshman year at Stanford, he’s thinking that it might be a better career fit for him. “I’d like to continue to use the analytical mindset and beauty of mathematics in a more applied setting.”

As he reflects on his first year of college, Evan says it was a pleasant surprise to see just how well the Academy had prepared him for college. Being at a big school like Stanford, he misses the small classes and close relationships with teachers at the Academy. But, he believes, those will develop in time. In the meantime, he says he’ll continue to come back to campus and visit his former Academy teachers.